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Tharsis respublikos strategija, Tharsis respublikos strategija

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CEF is an EU funding instrument designed to promote and part-finance the construction of pivotal cross dvejetainių parinkčių mokymas transport, energy tharsis strategija telecommunications infrastructure links between the EU's Member States. The proposal intends to support the achievement of the EU policy objectives in the This initial appraisal tharsis tharsis strategija the strengths and weaknesses of the European Commission's impact assessment accompanying its proposal for establishing the Connecting Europe Facility CEF for the period.

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The proposal intends to support the achievement of the EU policy tharsis strategija in the transport, energy and digital sectors as regards the trans-European tharsis strategija and to tharsis strategija cross-border cooperation between Member States on renewables planning and deployment. The appraisal concludes tharsis respublikos strategija strategija the impact assessment IA provides a good description of the policy challenges of the new CEF based on the mid-term evaluation of the programme.

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The IA envisages a change in the scope for the digital and energy sectors. Alternative options are identified for the energy sector only.

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The IA would have benefited from better illustrating if, and in case how, the preferred option would take advantage from the existing, or forthcoming, legislation in establishing the envisaged enabling framework for cross-border cooperation on renewables. The IA does not discuss social or environmental impacts of the proposed measures and economic impacts are discussed for the energy sector only.

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Potential impacts tharsis strategija SMEs are not discussed, although SMEs might have deserved some analysis considering the specific objectives of the trans-European tharsis strategija for the digital sector. An analysis regarding tharsis strategija impact on competitiveness appears to be missing as well. The final version of the IA appears to have addressed almost entirely the improvements requested by the Regulatory Scrutiny Board.

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